Architectural Visualization

This project explore the irrlicht capacity as graphic engine, giving it the specific aplication of rendering a real-time apartment fully modeled, textured and iluminated. The user can virtual explore the apartment in a FPS game’s camera fashion, getting a better detail of every corner. This project intent to complement the 3d photo realistic work of artist and designers, and give a buyer the first experience for a new home, even if he live far away from the building place or the model apartment.

Tools used in this project.

  • Visual C++ Express 2008 IDE/li>
  • Irrlicht. Graphic engine
  • Blender 3d. Model and texturing
  • Gile[s]. Static ilumination
  • Paint Shop Pro. Texture manipulation

Some resources have been taked from this sites, following their TOS

Special mention to TGM (TheGameMaker) in the irrlicht’s forum for the shader pack that can be found on

You can control this demo with Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys. The demo requires an OpenGL 2.1 compilant graphic card.


Descargar:	VisualizacionArq.rar
Version:	0.1
Actualizado:	December 19, 2009
Tamaño:		9.94 MB

This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. All the rights reserved Camilo Alvarez, except for Irrlicht provided with zlib licence and has been used in build this demo and TGM shader pack with a MIT-like licence.

Algunos screenshots del demo:

Visualizacion Arquitectonica 1 Visualizacion Arquitectonica 2 Visualizacion Arquitectonica 3 Visualizacion Arquitectonica 4 Visualizacion Arquitectonica 5